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YouTube Announces Movie Rentals

YouTube has made five movies from the Sundance Film Festival, three from this year and two from last year, available for rent in the United States starting today and lasting until 31 January. The movies can be accessed at YouTube Movies and cost $3.99 for 48 hours. While the current selection is limited to only these five movies, YouTube is just beta testing the service at this point and will surely add more in the future.

Renting a movie requires that a user be logged in and have a Google Checkout account. He can then view a trailer before being asked if he would like to pay to rent the movie. YouTube stresses that the feature is in beta and there may be glitches. An official video has been made detailing the rental process:

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  1. Faith Simmons says

    i use Youtube to watch Taylor Swift videos. I always watch movie clips on Youtube. What an awesome site. “

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