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Google to Allow Users to Opt Out of Analytics Tracking

googleanalytics.jpgUsers will soon be able to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics, Google announced. Analytics is used by website administrators to track visitors but, until now, users needed to block JavaScript from using a browser extension such as NoScript if they wanted not to be tracked. Google has been working on a browser plug-in to create a convenient opt out mechanism and will release it sometime in the coming weeks.

The announcement notes Google’s continued commitment to privacy. However, the company has been criticized numerous times because of what some perceive as disrespect for users’ privacy. Most recently, Google came under fire when it launched Buzz and had users automatically follow their Gmail contacts, making this list of people public by default. Changes have since been made that address many of these privacy concerns. Nevertheless, Google has often given users the ability opt out of these services, even if they are turned on by default. Users are able to completely disable Buzz and have been able to opt out Google’s targeted advertisement program since it was launched.

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