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Microsoft Releases OneApp to Emerging Markets

Today, Microsoft launched OneApp, which allows less-powerful mobile phones to have access to Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Mobile Wallet and other apps. The goal is to allow even those who do not have access to smartphones, such as the iPhone or Blackberry, to have access to these services. The application is a mere 150 kilobytes and the average app for it is only around 30 kilobytes, allowing them to run even on mobile phones with a small hard drive. Users will not even need to download apps, as Microsoft will include a cloud service where users can store apps and from where users will be able to access apps without downloading them onto their own phones.

Developers will be able to write their own apps that take advantage of OneApp’s service and applications developed for OneApp will run on all phones that support OneApp, reducing the number of phone models that a developer must ensure his code is compatible with.

Microsoft OneApp will be available first to Blue Label Telecom customers in South Africa, but Microsoft is also looking to bring OneApp to other emerging markets in the future.

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