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Apple “It’s only rock and roll” Event Summary

The Apple event has ended and there were quite a few announcements made.

Steve Jobs: This is the first time that Steve Jobs has spoken at an Apple event since October 2008. While Jobs was not the sole speaker, he did speak for quite some time and told his personal story about getting a liver transplant from a person in his mid-20s who died in a car crash and donated his organs.

iPhone OS: iPhone OS 3.1 for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been released and is available now for download. The update is free for both the iPhone and iPod Touch (with 3.0). Apple put a lot of emphasis on the iPhone and iPod Touch being viable mobile gaming systems, on par with the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, and announced that Open GL ES 2.0 will be supported in 3.1 for games.

iTunes 9: iTunes 9 has also been released. It allows you to share your purchased songs, music and films on up to five computers. Genius mixes can automatically create playlists with music that goes well together. iTunes LP allows you to get photographs and lyrics along with your music. Films will feature iTunes Extras, similar to extras on DVDs. Apps on the iPhone or iPod Touch can be rearranged in iTunes, instead of having to do it directly on your device. Any one who has tried to do this on the iPhone will welcome this update. There is also has an option to “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter” when looking at an album.

iPod Touch: The price of the 8GB iPod Touch has been reduced to $199, the 32GB to $299 and a new 64GB version of the iPod Touch was announced for $399. There was no mention of a 16GB version. Many expected that new version of the iPod Touch would include a camera, but it does not.

iPod Classic: The iPod Classic has been upgraded to 160GB for the same price of $250.

iPod Shuffle: The iPod Shuffle will be made in several new colors (silver, pink, green, blue). There will be a 2GB model for $59, a 4GB model for $79 and a 4GB model made of stainless steel for $99.

iPod Nano: The new iPod Nano will be available in multiple colors and have a larger 2.2-inch display. It will have a microphone and speaker, VoiceOver and an FM radio. Also, it will include a video camera that can record at 640×480 pixels. It does not, however, have wifi, so you will need to connect it to a computer to upload videos. The 8GB Nano will cost $149 and the 16GB model will cost $179.

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