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Sync Your MySpace and Twitter Accounts

myspace_twitter.pngIt is now possible to sync your MySpace account with Twitter, allowing you to crosspost status updates to both services from either service. When two accounts are synced, any updates posted on MySpace will also be automatically posted on Twitter and any updates posted on Twitter will be posted on MySpace.

To sync a Twitter account to your MySpace account, login to your MySpace account and go to your account settings. Make sure that you are logged into the Twitter account you want to sync and click on “Get Synced” and authorize MySpace. Your accounts should now be synced.

In his blog post, Biz Stone also affirmed Twitter’s commitment to allow users to crosspost their tweets to other services, stating that:

“We think people should read or write tweets wherever they prefer so we work with social networks, mobile networks, television networks, and search engines to make that happen.”

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