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Malware Links Being Spread Via Facebook

Mashable reports that malware is being spread by fake Facebook accounts. This follows the Facebook phishing scam that made its rounds last week. While the goal of that scam was the steal Facebook account details, this new link sends users to a webpage that attempts to download malware onto visitors’ computers. The website falsely claims that the visitor’s computer has been infected by a virus and prompts him to install their antivirus program, which is actually malware. Unlike the previous scam, this one utilizes Facebook accounts that it creates rather than using compromised accounts to propagate the link. These accounts have pages like the one below:

Firefox, and possibly other browsers as well, is already detecting the website as an attack site and warns the user before he goes on. Exercise caution when clicking on links from people you do not know well until Facebook is able to remove these accounts.
[Image from Mashable]

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