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Flash 10.1 To Support Several Mobile Phones, But Not the iPhone

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will be available for Windows Mobile, webOS (Palm Pre), Android, Symbian S60 and the Blackberry OS in addition to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Flash Player 10.1 is a result of Adobe’s Open Screen Project, which includes 50 companies and seeks to create a consistent runtime environment for mobile phones and computers, and will allow developers to reuse code across various platforms. It will include mobile-specific features, including support for multi-touch, accelerometer and screen orientation. It will also make use of a computer’s GPU to save battery life and use less resources.

Missing from this extensive list of supported platforms is the iPhone. Adobe originally announced that it was planning to implement Flash support for the iPhone when Apple released a SDK for the iPhone OS, but retracted its commitment when it realized that the SDK’s restrictions meant that it could not do this without Apple’s cooperation. Apple has thus far refused to be cooperative, with Steve Jobs stating that Flash is “too slow to be useful” and that Flash Lite, the version of Flash that was targeted at mobile platforms before Flash Player 10.1, is “not capable of being used with the Web”, according to CNET.

A public developer beta for Windows Mobile, webOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is slated for later this year, while Android and Symbian OS users will have to wait until early 2010. A beta date for Blackberry OS has not been announced.

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