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Flash Integrated with Chrome

Adobe Flash will be integrated with Google Chrome, announced both companies. When users download Chrome, Flash Player will be included, eliminating the need to download the programs separately. Users will also receive Flash Player updates through Chrome’s auto-update system. Google, in cooperation with Adobe, is also working on making Flash content run in a sandboxed environment, allowing for greater security.

The integrated program is available in the Chrome developer channel. It must be run with the “–enable-internal-flash” flag to use the integrated version of Flash. Google did not state when a stable version of the integrated client would be released.

This comes while YouTube is testing a Flash-free version of its site and many are heralding the death of Flash in the age of HTML5. Obviously, Google continues to consider Flash an important part of the Web ecosystem, as it powers much of streaming video on the Web, including YouTube and Google Videos. This is in contrast to Apple, which has elected not to include Flash support on the iPhone or the iPad, with Steve Jobs supposedly calling Adobe “lazy”.

Google is also working with Mozilla, Adobe and the community to create a new API for browser plugins to amend the shortcomings of the currently-used NPAPI plugin architecture. This new API will be browser and operating system-neutral and will improve performance and security. It will also allow plugins to better integrate with browsers.

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