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Create a Font From Your Handwriting

techqufont.pngIf you’ve always wanted your own unique font, you can’t get much more unique than your own handwriting. FontCapture does just that, it makes your handwriting into a font. All you need is a printer and a scanner.

The site requires no registration and takes you through the steps to create your font. You download and print out a PDF document where you write all of your letters, or at least the ones that you want to incorporate into your font (you may not have a use for the letters with accents), and then scan the page and upload it to their website. Your font is then generated and you can install it by putting it into your %windir%\fonts folder if you’re using Windows or by clicking on it if you’re using Mac OS X.

In the top-right corner of this post you can see an example of a custom font created using the service and admire my great penmanship.


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