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Loopt Launches First Always-On Location-Aware App for iPhone

loopt.pngVentureBeat reports that Loopt has launched the first always-on, location-aware iPhone app.

Loopt, which has apps out for several phones, is a social network that allows the user to view the proximity of his friends, who are plotted on a map. While an iPhone using location data is not uncommon, what is unique is that Loopt can track your location even when you are not running the app. It does this by having their servers, rather than the iPhone app, ping AT&T’s servers and obtaining your location information. Such a service was previously thought to be impossible because of the limitations on apps running in the background, but now that Loopt has found a way around the problem, expect to see many apps taking advantage of this in the future. The feature will cost users $3.99 per month.

Loopt is currently testing the feature and is allowing 5,000 users to use the service for free for 14 days. You can sign up here.

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