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Palm Accidentally Leaks webOS 1.2

pre.jpgWhen some members of the PreCentral forums used webOS Doctor, a tool to restore a Palm Pre to default factory settings, their Pres were updated to webOS 1.2, an unreleased version of Palm’s webOS, the operating system the Pre runs on.

Palm has since released an update to webOS Doctor to fix the bug, but some users were able to grab a copy of the version that updates the Pre to 1.2. The use of this program could, however, potentially brick the Pre. As the software was not supposed to be released yet, an official list of new features is not available, but the members of the PreCentral forum are posting new features as they find them. The new update includes improvements to the browser, support for paid apps, improved copy and paste and search in e-mail.

[via Gizmodo and PreCentral]

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