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Some AT&T Customers Get iPhone MMS Early

iphonemms.jpgiPhone OS version 3.0 back in June finally enabled MMS, which enables the sending of pictures, video and other multimedia files, something that had been annoyingly absent from the iPhone for the first two years. However, unlike other mobile carriers around the world that sold the iPhone, AT&T in the United States chose not to enable MMS at the time of the update. AT&T did, however, announce that the feature would be out by the end of the summer, more recently specifying 25 September as the exact date that it will enable MMS.

Some lucky users are starting to get access to MMS early, according to Computerworld. AT&T seems to have started slowly rolling out the feature to select users, probably to test the service before enabling it for all accounts. Notably, the enabling of MMS did not require a specific software update, so whereas AT&T previously announced that users could expect a software update to enable the feature, it is likely that you will simply find that the feature has been enabled when you wake up.

To check if your account has had the feature enabled early: open Messages and check to see if you have a camera icon to the left of the text box. If you do, you can now send MMS, if not you will have to wait a bit longer.

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