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New Facebook Phishing Scam

A new phishing scam is being spread via hacked accounts on Facebook, according to Mashable. The scam is similar to the Twitter scam that was making its rounds on Wednesday in that both mimic the login page for the service they target in an attempt to have users input their login information and then use those accounts to further propagate the scam. Unlike that scam though, the Facebook scam posts status updates and wall posts rather than sending private messages. Infected accounts post a message like the following one:


The link takes you to a webpage that mimics the Facebook login page, prompting you to input your login information. Doing so will send your login details to the scammers. Luckily the link is already caught by Firefox, and possibly other browsers as well, as web forgery and a warning page is displayed before allowing you to proceed to the site.

If you have already visited the website and believe that your account may be compromised, change your password as quickly as possible.

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  1. Free NX says

    There is some solid information on this page. I enjoy your writing. I’ve added the feed to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will continue reading your work. I did have an issue with how quick the website loaded. Might be something to look into.

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