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Dell Latitude Z Charges Wirelessly, Features Wireless Docking Station and includes Latitude ON

The Latitude Z, Dell’s upcoming business laptop, will be the first laptop that will be able to charge wirelessly. For an additional $199, a laptop stand with an inductive charging pad is included that can charge the laptop without any wires. According to Dell, charging via the pad is as effective as charging via cables and will take about the same amount of time.

The Latitude Z will also include a wireless docking station for $199, which includes USB connectors, a DVI video connector and audio jacks, which it can connect to when it is within nine feet.

It will be Dell’s Latitude ON, which is a second motherboard that runs Linux with an ARM processor, a graphics card and a Wi-Fi chip. It allows users to access e-mail and browse the Web without having to boot into Windows, allowing access to those services very quickly.

The Latitude Z will cost $1,999 and it will cost an additional $400 to get the wireless charging pad and the docking station. The release date has not been announced.

[via Computerworld]

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