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Google to Send Out 100,000 Wave Invites Tomorrow

googlewaveinside.jpgGoogle has confirmed what it announced in July, that it will send out 100,000 Google Wave invites tomorrow, 30 September. The invites will go to developers that have been active in the developer preview, the first users who signed up for an invite at and offered to give feedback and some Google Apps users. Those that receive invites will then be able to invite others to join.

In its post, Google calls this a “preview” of Google Wave because the product is not yet complete: some features have not yet been implemented, the service sees occasional downtime and there are other bugs. However, it also mentions that, despite this, Google Wave is already a solid product in its current state and that it can make communication and collaboration more efficient. Google mentions specific cases in which Google Wave can be used, ranging from a scientist who uses it to collaborate on academic papers to a journalist working on a column to a filmmaker using it to assist in the movie-making process.

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